Cavario H Raised by Wolves

In the fall of 1999 Cavario H. co-founded Don Diva magazine, which under his guidance came to be known across the country as “The Original Street Bible.” Serving as its Editor-At-Large and Head Writer (and personally distributing it) from it’s inception until his departure in the summer of 2006, Cavario was responsible for 65% to 100% of the written content extending from issue #1 to #26 of the quarterly publication.

Cavario conducted exclusive interviews with major crime bosses such as Larry Hoover and Big Meech, as well as the world’s hottest hip hop artists, which includes Kanye West, Eminem, and 50 Cent: whom Cavario was first to put on the cover of a national publication (DonDiva). Using the pages of Don Diva, Cavario was personally able to deliver a variety of true crime stories including those of Detroit’s infamous crack pioneers The Chambers Brothers, Chicago’s Gangland “King of Kings” Larry Hoover, and Baltimore’s Super Kingpin (and Cavario’s uncle) Melvin “Little Melvin” Williams. All of these subjects would later become major features on the BET Television Network’s, American Gangster series.

Cavario has had several appearances on major television and radio news networks, including Court T.V. on Satellite radio, MSNBC’s FOX News and CNN during the investigation of the murder of a federal prosecutor in MD. Cavario has had multiple appearances on BET’s Nightly News program, and was specifically requested to provide insight during the federal probe into the dealings of the music label Murder Inc. Cavario has also been a guest on The Situation with Tucker Carlson and is regarded as an expert in the murky subculture of urban crime. Cavario has also been featured on over 50 nationally distributed DVDs and documentaries, including the 20th Anniversary of Scarface: Special Edition DVD.

Cavario's leadership in the indie-pub genre established a readership just shy of a million people, and, with the help of his associate "Speedy" St. John, he launched Don Diva London, a British version of the magazine dedicated to the gamey streets of Brixton. The short-lived Don Diva London was awarded the honor of being London’s Best New Publication in 10 years (circa 2003/2004).

Today Cavario is the founding Senior Editor of the best-selling Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, the first and only weekly formatted publication dedicated to the culture.

In September 2006 Cavario formed Body of Power publishing Inc., through which he released his autobiography, Raised By Wolves: Inside the Life & Mind of A Guerrilla Hustler. The painfully true diary chronicling the development of a gifted young boy, born to homicidal parents and raised as a ghetto prince; in an environment replete with criminal influence–the heroin soaked streets of 1970’s Harlem. It's not just an uncommonly articulated tale of violence and drugs but an honest and in-depth journey into the mind and motives of a genetically engineered gangster and his psychological and spiritual struggle to move beyond the only world he has ever known.

Cavario's follow up Get SMART! although fictional, is heavily based in contemporary reality. Following an uncanny succession of unlikely incidents and apparent accidents, an obscure black Senator from Illinois finds himself at the head of the most powerful nation on the planet. Enter the life of Calvin Smart whose uncommon beginnings in Chicago's Little Italy leads to his meteoric rise through the notorious city's political ranks, resulting ultimately in his ascension to the highest office in the land, and his bloody battle to stay there.

Cavario's third and most recent book is titled Old Gangsters & Young Guns: The True Tales of Two Worlds. It’s an anthology of the original ten street stories featured in Don Diva magazine, which represented every extreme the Game of Death has to offer. Cavario saw fit to share the full stories surrounding these extraordinary individuals, as opposed to what was initially given in the extremely edited versions originally released to the public. Along with the stories of some of the most noted and notorious urban legends of the past four decades, men such as Wayne "Akbar" Pray, Aaron Jones & Philly's Junior Black Mafia (JBM), Larry Hoover, and Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory, to name a few. Old Gangsters & Young Guns includes insights into the lives of these individuals that only Cavario's lifetime of expertise and personal connections with these subjects can provide.

Using his broad base of general knowledge, coupled with a specific over-standing of street culture, Cavario is launching his public speaking career using Old Gangsters & Young Guns as a foundation for his oration; espousing on the trends of pop culture being used to trap our youth in a romanticized ideal of gangsterism, which is destroying their chances at having healthy productive futures.

Body of Power publishing, Inc. is the brainchild of Cavario H. BoPp's primary goal is to produce a stream of products from an urban perspective that far exceeds previously established standards. By bringing firsthand experience and genuine insight to the dynamics of violence and struggle that is (most often) inner city existence. BoPp will shine a realistic light on a plight that adversely affects millions across America and in doing so BoPp will lessen the psycho-social gap between the players of the game and the general public. "My belief is that knowledge brings power, and understanding brings growth." -Cavario H. aka "Cavario the Consigliere."